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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can register?
A. The House program is open to GIRLS in grades 4 thru 8. 

Q. Is prior volleyball experience required?
A. No prior experience needed for the House program.  It is open to athletes regardless of experience/skill level. Every registered player is placed on a team.

Q. What are the differences between clinics and league matches?
A. Clinics focus on developing foundational volleyball skills such as passing, setting, hitting and serving through expert instruction, drills and play simulation. League matches allow the application of volleyball skills in an actual game setting following youth volleyball rules.

Q. Is there an equal playing time policy?
A. Yes. As an instructional recreation program, we promote equal time on the court. During matches, teams utilize "Continuous Substitution" which uses the players on the bench and the players on the court as one continuous line-up. With each new service rotation, a player in a specific position leaves the court and the next available player on the bench enters the game into that position.

Q. On which day of the week do teams practice and play matches?
A. Practices take place weekdays between 6pm and 9pm (60 to 90 minutes each) and league matches take place on weekdays (60 minutes each). The exact times and locations cannot be determined until early March when Fairfax County Recreation publishes our spring gym allocation. Once announced, our league officials and coaches work out a practice and match schedule. Coaches will notify players accordingly. All the information is also posted on this website.

Q. Can participants identify teammate preferences?
A. Yes. During the registration process, participants can request specific teammates (to accommodate carpooling). Vienna Youth Volleyball will attempt to accommodate these special requests as best we can.

Q. What happens with those on the waitlist?
A. The hope is to pull everyone off the waitlist - anyone interested in playing volleyball should have the opportunity to play in our program. Unfortunately, the program is constrained by the availability of gyms and the number of volunteer coaches. The more coaches, the more teams and therefore the more players we can support. To this point, anyone on the waitlist with a parent who volunteers to coach will be switched from the waitlist to the active registion list.

Q. What is VYI Volleyball?
A. VYI Volleyball is the volleyball affiliate of Vienna Youth Inc. (VYI). VYI also sponsors youth basketball, lacrosse, tackle and flag football, cheerleading, wrestling, track & cross-country and rugby.

Q. Do participants need to live in Vienna?
A. No. VYI attracts athletes from locations around the Vienna area within Fairfax County.

Q. What gear do participants need?
A. Knee pads are the only specialized equipment required for participation - these may be purchased at local sporting goods stores or online. T-shirt uniforms are provided to all players at no additional cost. New court shoes are highly recommended.

Q. What do you recommend if we want to purchase a volleyball?
A. Our program uses Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyballs for the Elementary School Leagues and Tachikara SV5WSC Sensi-Tec Volleyballs for the Middle School Leagues.

Q. Does VYI offer a Select volleyball program?
A. Yes, VYI offers a program for more experienced players, usually in the 7/8th grade. Teams are selected by tryouts in the early part of the season and some players my be "cut" depending upon coach decisions. These teams usually take about 10% of kids out of VYI's House league to participate on these teams.