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Welcome to Vienna Youth Volleyball

VYI Volleyball offers leagues for players of all levels, including AdvancedTravel/Club.  For a guide to the different levels, click here:

Link to a great article from ESPN on Volleyball's popularity with young and multi-sport athletes.

All-Star tryout is on June 1 5:30-6:45 for ES and 7-8:15 for MS at Vienna E.S., only players chosen by their respective coach should come out for this.

June 10 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  Season-ending party.  Schedule: 9-10 AM open play for ES; 10-11 AM open play for MS; 11 AM to 12:30 PM - Coaches vs Referee match!

Food (pastry and pizza) and refreshment (coffee and water) will be provided.

6th grade playoff will be on June 2 at Oakton E.S.:

5:30 PM: Gambino vs O'Malley and Stanmeyer vs Naik

6:20 PM: Winner of Gambino/O'Malley match vs Vo

7:20 PM: Winner of 6:20 match vs Winner of Stanmeyer/Naik = 1st and 2nd place; Loser of 6:20 match vs Loser of Stan/Naik = 3rd place.


4/5th grade playoff will be on June 7 at Oakton E.S.:

5:30 PM: Boatwight vs Penati; Nguyen vs Chase

6:10 PM: Lynch-Fiko-McC vs Quinn; Corry vs Flint (Vietor/James)

6:50 PM: 5:30 match winners; 6:20 match winners

7:40 PM: 6:50 PM winners (1st and 2nd place); 6:50 PM losers (3rd place)


7/8th grade playoff will be June 2 at Kilmer then June 9 also at Oakton E.S.:

June 2: 6PM: Thompson vs Davis; Griggs vs Jones

             7PM: Forbes vs Moncrief; Pham vs Baum

             8 PM: Bawrnes vs Manise; Boyer vs Winner of Pham/Baum

June 9: 6PM: 6 PM winner from 6/2; 8 PM winner from 6/2

             7PM: 6 PM winner from 6/9; Highest scoring loser from 6 PM vs 6/2 Forbe/Moncrief match

             8PM: 7 PM winner from 6/9; 7 PM losers from 6/9


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