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Parent Volunteers

VYI Volleyball is 100% volunteer.  Our success with players is largely due to the commitment of volunteers to share their valuable time primarily Building Directors, to monitor gyms during practices ansd games, and for those who want to be a little more involved as age group coordinators or schedule cooridantors. Coaches and  Assistant Coaches are always importnat and are necessary every year.

IMPORTANT:  In the event both parents do not volunteer for VYI Volleyball, we do require the payment of a $35 per parent Non-Volunteer Fee.

We need volunteer coaches for the House league. Our coaches are mostly parents with past volleyball experience or the motivation to learn more about the sport and coaching. VYI Volleyball offers mentoring, coaching clinics and training materials for prospective coaches.  If you have any doubts have a read of the following inspiring note written by a first time coach.

Thank you and we look forward to a great season.