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All parents are asked to participate in our league by coming to all games to cheer on their children. Parents may be asked to keep the score book or run the clock at various times during the year. Parents are not encouraged to come to practices except in a volunteer role as a Building Director (see below) as that is time the players should be concentrating on volleyball skill development, rather than family. Siblings should never be brought to practices.

All of our parents, including both mother and father, are required to volunteer for one of the positions described below, or to pay a $35 per parent per child fee ($70 per child if both do not volunteer) if they do not wish to volunteer. There are several positions to choose from:


Commissioners are usually selected prior to July  1 each year. If you are interested contact the Chief Operating Officer-Gym Sports, Jay Brigham at  prior to July 1. The commissioner runs the league for an age group and gender including; conducting tryouts, updating League Athletics software which helps manage the league, assigning coaches to teams, conducting a draft or assigning players to form teams, set practice schedules, and enforces rules. Commissioners have access to more information about the league via two websites and their administrative password then coaches so commissioners are expected to help train coaches and to provide registration and volunteer information as requested. This commitment requires about 40 hours over a five month period, or about two-four hours per week.


Perhaps the most important job in our league is the team coach. We need approximately 25 coaches at three age levels. This entails knowing or being willing to learn some volleyball skills and strategy, and running a 1 hour and 15 minute practice session each week of the scheduled season. It also entails coaching at games on one weekend day per week for approximately 8 weeks during the season.  Coaches are expected to fill out an application, complete a Background Check and to submit a Building DIrector schedule for their team prior to the start of the season and to report scores during the season. Coaches are encouraged to recruit an assistant from other parents on the team. This commitment requires about 40 hours over a 3 month period, or about three hours per week.


Fairfax County entrusts the gyms to VYI on the basis that VYI will provide volunteer Building Directors to patrol gyms and keep them safe while VYI occupies the space. BDs are expected to not allow food or drink in gyms and to make sure that any siblings who are brought to practice (not encouraged) are not disruptive and do not cause any damage to walls, furniture, equipment or posters/art displayed in the gym. Every parent in our league, if they are not physically  disqualified from participating or do not pay the non-volunteer fees, must be a qualified Building Director, which can easily be accomplished by taking the test accesible at the bottom of the left hand menu after looking at the study questions below.


Volunteers for this position are also available for general duties required by the commissioner or the team coach to include simple administrative tasks like assisting at tryouts. This commitment requires no more than 5-10 hours over the course of the 3 month season.                                          


Parents who are unable or unwilling to volunteer are expected to contribute $35 per parent per child to VYI to defray any extra cossts of monitoring the gyms.