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VYI County Select (Travel) volleyball differs from House volleyball in that teams are selected based on tryouts held in the first few weeks of the season and only the best players, in the sole opinion of the coach and staff with the approval of the Commissioner, are selected based on how well they perform at the tryouts. Selection to a team based on a coaches knowledge of skills in other sports, or because of other associations is strictly prohibited.

VYI generally follows the rules of the league in which our select teams participate, but VYI does have additional rules that must be followed by parents and coaches. The rules exist to ensure the maximum number of participants can play at their appropriate age level. Please read the following carefully.

1. Players must register at VYI's WEB site prior to attending tryouts, and pay the appropriate House fee subject to refund or credit against County fees if the player makes a County team. Parents must read and agree to abide by all rules related to participation in tryouts and on select teams.

2. Players must attend a minimum of two tryouts held the first few weeks of the season and posted at this website, prior to selection for a team, even if they are injured. Injured players who do not attend tryouts, will not be selected, by VYI rule. Any unexcused absence, that is, one the player has not cleared with the coach, is sufficient reason, on its own, for not being selected.

3. VYI does not allow a player to enter its Select (Travel) program, or to rejoin its program, at any other then the lowest age/grade level for which the player is eligible. For example, 5th graders would play for the 10 & Under/5th grade team, 6th graders would play for the 11 & Under/6th grade team, 7th graders would play for the 12 & Under/7th grade team and 8th graders would play for the 13 (Boys)/14(Girls) & Under/8th grade team. VYI does not want players to "play-up" as that may preclude an age-appropriate player from participating, and VYI prefers that participants play for a different coach each year. The VYI Commissioner may grant special authority in hardship cases, but for every out of age player approved in advance by the Commissioner and selected to a team, a player of the appropriate age/grade level must be added to that team.

For example, if a player plays for a VYI 10&Under (5th grade) team one year as a 10 year old, then plays for another club the next year, and then wants to return to VYI, the only alternative under VYI rules is at the 12&Under (7th grade) level. The player may not try out for the 8th grade team, or be selected for an 8th grade team, even if they are age eligible, unless approved in advance by the VYI Volleyball Commissioner, as this is considered "playing up". Anyone trying out for two age levels at the same time will be removed from consideration at both levels.

Only one 9 or 10 year old 4th grader may be selected by a coach for a 10&Under/5th grade team without approval of the VYI Commissioner. More than one 4th grader on a 10 & Under team must be approved in advance by the VYI County Basketball Commissioner and for every 4th grader in this position, VYI requires that one extra 10 year old 5th grader must be added to that team.  Each 10&Under/5th grade team is allowed to carry a maximum of two 4th graders regardless of their age eligibility.

If any 9 or 10 year old/4th grader, makes a 5th grade Division I team, that player will be allowed to try out for the next grade level team the next year, if they wish. However, if they try out for the next grade level team that is the only team they may try out for in VYI. No player is allowed to try out for two VYI County teams at the same time. Any 9 or 10 year old 4th grader who makes a 5th grade Division II team must return and try out for the 5th grade team again the next year.

4. VYI does not allow less than 8 or more than 12 players on a single team, without proper justification and the approval of the VYI Commissioner. VYI recommends that each coach choose a 10 player team.

5. A player with an injury prior to tryouts is expected to attend all tryouts as the team to which he wants to be selected, and may be selected if the coach is familiar with his skills from past basketball seasons, basketball summer play or based on the recommendation of another VYI  coach. Parent recommendations or recommendations of coaches not associated with VYI, or from other sports, are not acceptable. No player with an injury may be selected solely because of a past association with another sport, or be selected at a different age level, if not selected at the appropriate age level. If a player with an injury is selected, another player must also be selected, so if the injured player is the 10th selected, for example, the coach must have 11 players on the squad. A player with an injury may not be selected if the injury extends into the regular season and would mean that the player would miss regular season games. The extent of a player injury will be determined by a practicing doctor's written document.

NOTE: If a parent is told an injured player will not make the team for which they declared because a coach is not familiar with that player, the parent may contact the VYI Volleyball Commissioner for further guidance. However, there is no guarantee the player will be placed on a team. If the Commissioner is familiar with the player, and believes the player has the unquestioned ability to compete at that level, the Commissioner may ask the coach for a further appraisal, but the coach has the final say in team selection, as long as they follow the rules on this page.

6. Players are chosen at the sole discretion of the coach at that age level, along with his/her assistants, and must be approved prior to player notification by the VYI Commissioner. Selection is subjective and each coach may select anyone they wish without exception, as long as all rules above are followed. However, VYI recommends that the coach select the 10 players who perform the best at tryouts, within the age/grade and zip code rules above, which fit the desires of that coach for the type of team the coach wants to form. Selections, lack of selection, or reasons for selection, may not be appealed by parents.